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Agapē Herbals™

There’s an old quote that says, “You are the company you keep.” Well, if that’s true, which we believe it is, then All-In Nutritionals™ has become even more enhanced and robust since the acquisition and merger of Agape Herbals LLC.  

We are happy, honored, and beyond excited to welcome both Agapē Herbals™ and founder and owner, Weston Horne to our All-In Family! 

There’s history here… 

Our founder, owner, and CEO, Lindsey Duncan has known Weston for many years. When Weston was already practicing as a Board-Certified Structural Integration (BCSI) and Natural Herbalist (NH) he participated in a nutrition class taught by Lindsey about ten years ago. For over a year, Lindsey mentored Weston in health and wellness and natural supplements. The two quickly clicked and shared common ideologies and beliefs as it relates to natural wellness. Although the nutrition class eventually ended, Lindsey and Weston stayed in touch.  

Weston went on to run his own private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah and successfully helped clients for a total of 14 years. He also taught college classes on Structural Integration and functional movement at The Utah College of Massage Therapy, The Denver College of Massage Therapy, and The Guild for Structural Integration.  

During this time, Weston developed his own product line (Agapē Herbals™) because he knew there was a need for clean, quality supplement products. Simply put, he could not find supplements that met his standards to recommend to his clients, so he created his own. Thus, Agapē Herbals™ was born.   

Weston believes that we get the best results in our health when we honor what planet Earth has to offer. This means that Agape Herbals is free of all excipients, binders, chemicals, extracts, compounds, and isolates. All products are wildcrafted, whole, vegan, and made with organic ingredients.  

Two peas in a pod…. 

This philosophy correlates tenfold with what’s been happening at All-In Nutritionals™ for the last two plus years, so it makes perfect sense that these two top level, highly unique companies and formulators would join forces. Simply put, they are two peas in a pod.  

In a recent press release Lindsey said that All-In Nutritionals™ is in the business of helping people get well. This can easily be seen by reading just a few of our customer testimonials. People’s lives are changing, and customers consistently say that they have never felt better.  

Lindsey also said that the addition of Weston and Agapē Herbals™ will only enhance All-In’s ability to help people. We couldn’t agree more and believe the combining of these efforts is so powerful, smart, and will benefit our customers beyond what we can communicate here.  

If you listened to our recent podcast where Weston, Lindsey, and Molly Duncan spoke about this recent merger you got to hear a little bit of what it took for Weston to join the All-In team.  

He, his wife, and three children left their deeply rooted family and community in Salt Lake City, Utah and moved to Springfield, Ohio where the All-In Nutritionals™ campus is based.  

We don’t have to explain much here… Weston’s belief in All-In and Lindsey can be seen in his actions. He said that All-In is a “once in a lifetime company.”  

When he and his wife came this past spring to meet with Lindsey and tour the manufacturing plant, that’s when everything became very clear to him. He knew he needed to be involved.  

Weston explained on the podcast that many of his clients were confused and even doubted his decision.  

“Why would you want to move or join another company?” they would ask.   

His simple and straight to the point answer: “If it were any other company on the planet, my answer would have been no, but this one I know the quality, integrity, and mission behind it, which matters the most.”  

Lindsey communicated the same sentiment stating that over the years, many other people and companies have approached him about acquisitions such as this. He has always politely declined. He explained the reason for this is that until now, no other company has ever met his extremely high expectations and requirements when it comes to ingredients, raw materials, and formulas.  

For Agapē Herbals™ to pass Lindsey Duncan’s litmus test speaks volumes.  

Weston has been at the All-In campus now, going on six months, and is already making big contributions to the All-In product line and overall objective. He works as Lindsey’s right hand when it comes to raw ingredients and formulations, plus leads R & D, quality control, quality assurance and new product launches. He also is taking an active role in educating customers and becoming an additional familiar face on All-In’s social media. 

To top this off, he and Lindsey are working hand in hand on a VERY exciting, groundbreaking product line that will literally change and help countless lives. More information coming soon on this…. 😊 

To sum it all up…. 

In conclusion, we couldn’t be happier to have Agapē and Weston as a part of our All-In family. Together, we are true warriors for our customers and are dedicated to taking natural supplements back to what they should be:  

  • Highest quality possible 
  • Clean ingredients 
  • Clean formulas 
  • Customer sati 
  • Credible education 
  • Affordability  

If All-In Nutritionals™ stives to help people “find their strong,” then this strong just became stronger with the addition of Agapē Herbals™.  

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