The Simple, “All-In” Restart Cleanse

We know it’s a long name, but it is simple and it does help push the restart button. You can choose the number of days that you would like to cleanse. If you’re new to cleansing, 2-3 days works well and if you are a seasoned cleanser, then 4-7 days is optimal.

First thing upon rising drink 2 large glasses of purified, alkaline water with trace mineral drops added.

Juice any and all green vegetables (kale, collard and/or mustard greens, spinach, turnip greens, romaine lettuce, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, celery) and add beets with the tops, lemon and lime, including the skin. Also add apples and include seeds and skin. All vegetables and fruits should be organic. Make enough of this juice to last all day which should be approximately 4-5 8 oz. glasses.

If you want to add CBD oil and Turmeric to your juice, feel free to add as much as you like or what’s suggested on the label. Adding Tumeric to all 4-5 glasses of juice should be fine; we suggest adding the CBD oil to only 1 or 2 glasses of juice.

Throughout the day as you feel hungry you can drink heated organic bone broth. This will help to decrease hunger, regulate blood sugar and provide well needed protein and minerals all in LIQUID form.

Make a fiber shake (morning, noon and night) using 1 level teaspoon of pure Psyllium Seed Husks and 1 tablespoon of liquid Bentonite Clay. This will be your “meal” and should fill you up somewhat. This shake will thicken very fast so it should be drank quickly after mixing. You can add lemon for flavor. This shake is important because it provides bulk fiber and helps to pull toxins out of our bodies.

Repeat this process each day of your cleanse. It’s very important to get plenty of rest and to drink at least 12 glasses of purified water daily.

Some people find it very helpful to take an all natural herbal laxative during the cleanse to help maximize the elimination process.

All products above can be easily found and purchased online or at your local health food store.

Be sure to consult your physician before starting any new health program. People who are diabetic or have serious health conditions should not cleanse and should consult their physician first.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


I wanted to share some of the books I truly value and recommend from my home library. After all, a good old fashioned book can be the best way to educate yourself. I love to find and read new books on all sorts of topics. Below you’ll find some of my favorites. 

“Your headache is not a Tylenol deficiency. Your depression is not a Prozac deficiency. Your acne is not an Accutane deficiency.…You get my point.”

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND

“Our digestive system is responsible for feeding and nourishing every single cell and tissue in our body. Therefore, it is this critical system that must be cared for first, before any effective healing can take place.”

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND

“Truth and knowledge can start a burning fire within ourselves.”

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND