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Diet Related Questions:

I know I need to eat better or take something that is better for me. What do you suggest?

For a question like this, I am always going to go back to greens, greens, greens. Greens both supplement-wise and food-wise. You’re not going to have reactions and you’re always going to get cleansing, minerals and nutrients. Greens are probably the top of my food chain. And just the chlorophyll conversion of the photosynthesis, what the sun does – through photosynthesis, it’s pulling the nutrients up to the plants. Then when we eat them, we’re getting all of that. Just more vegetables. If you start off in the morning with a yogurt and Ultimate Snack Mix, you get an A+ so far. Then move onto lunch and do steamed vegetables or a big salad with lemon and a little bit of organic olive oil. You get an A+. I could just stop there – that’s a great way to start your day. With those 2 meals, you’re already at 67% of your day. If I had to pick just one supplement, it would be the Energy. If I had to pick two, it would be the Energy and the Greens. And the reason why, would be one gives you the B-complex vitamins, which converts everything into fuel, which is critical. And then the Greens is the alkalinizer – what did NASA say? 1,000 kilograms of mixed fruits and vegetables equals 1kg. of spirulina. And what’s our #1 ingredient in our Jungle Greens – it’s spirulina. And #2 is chlorella. You just can’t beat it -there’s no way. *

What do you recommend to help me lose weight?

We as a company stay away from that, meaning as a nutritionist, I stay away from that because of the FTC and my appearance on Dr. Oz. And so, we don’t comment on weight loss. We let people lose weight the healthy way, just by changing their lifestyle, which happens all the time. 

I have acid reflux. What do you recommend?

Well, the typical American diet is going to cause acid reflux. The greasy foods, the fat foods, the fried foods, the liver congesting, pancreas congesting, the gallbladder congesting foods are all going to cause acid reflux. Just the beating that the digestive tract takes, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is just unconscionable. So acid reflux comes from one of three things: 1. Just eating the standard American diet; the saucy, just congesting, toxic, constipating diet, filed with fat and grease, and rancid fat. Sauces and creams, and more sauces and more creams. 2. The second thing it’s caused from is lack of enzymes. As we age, we wear out our acid enzyme bank in our body. When we do that, we lose our ability to digest and metabolize food. And so, as we age, it gets less and less and less. 3. The third thing is a bacteria called H-pylori. When H-pylori takes over in the stomach and the upper GI tract, that can cause quite a bit of acid reflux, indigestion and reflux. So I take a 3-pronged approach, I clean up the diet. 70% high water content foods, which are basically fruits and vegetables. Remember, our planet is basically 70-75% water. Our body is about 70-80% waiter and the only two foods in the world that are 70-80% water are fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. So what percentage of our diet should be fresh fruits and fresh vegetables? Yup, you got it – 75%. *

Are your products Gluten free?

Absolutely, 100%. They’re gluten-free, they’re chemical-free, they’re toxin-free, they’re mercury-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, arsenic-free, eradiation-free, fumigation-free, dairy-free and everything else free.

What kind of protein do you recommend? There are so many.

Well, I love the yellow pea protein, but you have to be careful, because if you don’t get the right source, then it can cause bloating and gas. I like the yellow pea protein, I love the Sacha inchi from South America, Sacha inchi protein, I love hemp protein and I love chia protein. Some people do well on egg protein. The big bodybuilders who need massive amounts of protein will do that. I prefer the more vegan type proteins and of course your chlorella and spirulina. They’re between 55-70% protein. So that would be my top, top, top proteins. I love raw almonds, especially the European sprouted almonds. Macadamia nuts are high in protein. Sunflower seeds are high in protein. So those are all going to be my top proteins. *

Supplemental Related Questions:

What do you recommend taking for Covid?

So we can’t recommend any supplements to treat Covid-19 or any type of Covid. However, we do recommend supplements that are beneficial to support your natural immunity. Examples of supplements that I take to support my immune system - #1 is D3 with the added benefit of K2. I always take D3 with vitamin K2. Another supplement that I take to support my immune system is vitamin C, also the B-complex family of vitamins. Collagen because of the amino acids. Also, NAC, aka n-acetyl cysteine. I also take quercetin and artemisia, ashwagandha, turmeric and curcumin, omega fish oil and I take Colloidal Silver. Those would be my top 9 or 10 supplements that I take for a healthy immune system. There’s one more I am going to add just because it is related to over 350 different critical functions in the human body and that’s magnesium with potassium. I take that in bicarbonate form. And those are my recommendations. Does this treat Covid-19? Absolutely not. Does it support feeding the body’s tissues? Does this support the body’s natural immune system? Yes. *

Can I take Ashwagandha with a Thyroid condition?

The technical answer is you should check with your doctor if you have a thyroid condition before taking ashwagandha. Always check with your doctor. However, there’s some good research and it’s preliminary research, that ashwagandha may improve thyroid levels for those with hypothyroidism. However, it may worsen the symptoms of those with hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid. So you should consult your healthcare provider before taking ashwagandha to treat a thyroid condition. *

I’m sensitive to caffeine. Can I take the Ancient Energy?

Yes, you can but you may want to start slowly. What I recommend is a half teaspoon, the first few days in the morning, not in the evening, with a little bit of food. Yogurt, Ultimate Snack Mix. Then after 3, 4 or 5 days, go to a full teaspoon. Then after 3, 4 or 5 days, go to a teaspoon and a half. Then after 3, 4 or 5 days go to a full scoop. Should be good. It’s not designed to amp you up, then cause you to crash. It’s been designed to deliver a more steady, even response and support your natural energy levels throughout the day. *

I want to start using all natural supplements for my health. What do you recommend?

I always recommend starting off with the cleanse; a cleanse program because you’ve got to get rid of the old in order to benefit from the new. I recommend a B-complex family of vitamins with energy supplements, energy-supporting supplements like our Ancient Energy. I always recommend Greens and I always recommend digestive enzymes. If I had to pick the top 5 supplements to take, for those newbies, who are new to supplements, it would be a cleanse program, an enzyme, a probiotic, or a collagen/probiotic combo, an energy supplement with B-complex vitamins and a greens and a magnesium. Those would be my top 6. *

What do you recommend for someone having issues having bowel movements?

I can’t recommend anything because that’s a disease / condition. However, I would recommend our cleansing program to promote and support healthy bowel evacuation. So for good bowel movements I recommend Part I, Part 2 and Part 3 cleanse program. You could also do that with a little bit of aloe juice. You can do that with prune juice. And you can do that with our Mag Bicarb. They all help support healthy bowel elimination. *

What do Collagen or Turmeric do for me?

They’re incredible. If you just Google “what do amino acids do for me” or “what does protein do for me”? There’s your answer for Collagen and turmeric and curcumin. Just Google that or just type that into your web browser because turmeric has been used in India and other cultures, for literally thousands of years. Very rich history – it has been extremely beneficial for people. *

Health Condition Related Questions:

I struggle with fatigue. Is there something I can take for that?

While we cannot recommend something to combat chronic fatigue, we can say that many of us deal with things along this line that are often related to a lack in proper nutrition or ill-functioning adrenals. Some of our customer's favorite products include our Ancient Energy Plus & Adrenal Coretex Plus to help support energy & focus in the day-to-day. *

My joints ache constantly. What should I take to alleviate that?

Many studies show that the use of herbal Turmeric and Sulfur may support healthy inflammation response and joint health when associated with general activities, stiffness, and post-exercise inflammation. *

I constantly feel tired and have no energy for physical activities. Is there something I can take for that?
A good multivitamin, with heroic doses of B-vitamins, as well as natural Energy herbal products would be our best recommendation ;)

Combo & Other Questions:

What are your recommendations for a child with Autism?

Check out our partner company, :)

I have autoimmune disorders. Can I take your supplements? Are there any I can’t take?

Yes, you certainly can, but we recommend you consult with your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any new supplementation regimens.

What do you recommend for depression and mood disorders?Definitely speak with your doctor first, but if you are looking to take a "natural" route, there are many great herbals, like Ashwagandha, out there that may support a reduction of some mood concerns. *

If you haven't found an answer to your question in the sections above or you're not sure how All-In Consultations work and need assistance, you can reach out to our Nutritional Support Team by emailing  or calling 888-400-0333.

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    Angie Jones

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