Our Philosophy encompasses true integrity. From the soil used to grow our strong roots and plants to the robust and deeply relevant education we strive to provide, every day. We are working to help you grow strong in your knowledge and in your health. This philosophy carries through to our unique, strong formulations and the extreme integrity in everything we do. Continue reading for more!


Ancient Ingredients

The best and purest ingredients are grown and harvested in their natural state and in their natural region. Whenever possible, our ingredients are wild harvested and sourced directly from nature. We strive to avoid over-processing and always aim to use each ingredient in its most raw, harmonic, and bioactive form.

We have traveled across the globe and visited some of the most remote, pristine villages and learned of their ancient medicines, wisdoms, and remedies. From the plains and jungles of Africa and its native Borututu Tree to Una de Gato, found in the deep tropical jungles of South and Central America. We are truly bringing some of the world’s most ancient and revered herbs, roots, and plants to your doorstep.

Globally Sourced

Our raw materials are globally sourced and of the highest quality and potency available. We avoid sourcing any products from areas of high pollution or with any chance of outside contaminants. We test throughout our process, starting with the raw materials sourced to the finished product during packaging. 

You can see, feel and taste the natural, chemical-free and sustainably sourced quality of each and every one of our products. This we guarantee!

Exceptional Quality

Most of our products take months and even years of research to source not only each raw material but also the process of quality manufacturing, packaging and of course, formulating. 

Only the purest, most potent and natural ingredients make it into our products. We also strive to use the cleanest, FDA compliant manufacturing facilities and practices available. We manufacture every All-In Nutritionals™ product to the highest standards using our unique and impressive formulations without any chemical additives, binders or unhealthy/unwanted ingredients.

Our Core Values


We believe wholeheartedly, in the awesome power of nature and understand her principles of healing, purification and balance. This is why Mother Nature is one of the main ingredients (Chief Herb) in All-In Nutritionals™' quest to guide humanity on the path of health and vitality.


When it comes to ingredients of natural or nutritional product, perhaps nothing is more important than the product being clean, natural, wholesome and absolutely pure! We do not take this word, or this core value lightly! Simply put, "purity" is a critical and core element in everything related to All-In Nutritionals™.


Excellence is the glue that holds all other ingredients together at All-In Nutritionals™. From our customer care program to our nutritional service department, excellence ties everything together beautifully.


Our founder, Lindsey Duncan, is noted as saying "Knowledge is power" on stage over 30 years ago. Today, this statement rings so true. We believe that this is the first ingredient in the formula to wellness. Lean on us as a powerful resource for becoming more informed about your health and enhancing your vitality and longevity.


We love our mother Earth. We do not want to pollute or damage her. We believe in preserving our planet for future generations. This is why we only use ingredients that are bio-available, organic, wild harvested and wild crafted. We will not use plastic jars or bottles.


Quality is the heart and soul of All-In Nutritionals™. Our formula for success does not work without this key ingredient. This is the main ingredient that assures our customers get the BEST and most consistent products. We hold our suppliers to much higher than industry standards and we hold OURSELVES to standards even higher! This is why we relentlessly test our products for quality!


Every aspect of our company, from our newsletter to the ingredients in our formulas, you can trust that honesty is one of the core pillars that hold this company together. One only has to sit in one of our team meetings to see evidence that we go to extremes to be completely unfiltered and 100% honest, while still remaining respectful. This ingredient is at the core and base of our company, our products, our formulas, our communication and everything that we do.


I admit that I, Lindsey Duncan, am an intense individual. Always have been and always will be. Our team is intense as well. We operate extremely well under intense pressure with intense deadlines and we give ourselves intense goals and objectives. Mainly, and most importantly, our quality control, our formulas, and even the soil in which they are grown. As a customer, you want intensity in these areas.


This one is easy and sad for us to explain. Unfortunately, old fashioned customer service barely exists today. We have very little human touch, human follow up/follow through and human care. In this company, heart and soul are put into YOUR, the customer's, needs. Dial our number, and chances are you will reach a human being. Send us a complaint, and you can bet we will fix it. Request a refund, and it will not be painful. You will get your money back, plain and simple. Our customers will become faving fans not just because our products but because of the love, the care, the honour, and the dignity with which we treat them.


Unfortunately, most of the supplements that are available in stores, online, through network marketing, and through other channels of trade are loaded with unnecessary, and sometimes, unhealthy ingredients. It almost takes a degree in chemistry to understand some of the chemicals added to "natural products". This is so prevalent that we have provided an entire section of our website to expose this very unsavoury practice.


Firstly, we know plants and we know them well! We understand the fact that a plant is only as good, clean and healthy and effective as its soil. However, you don't have to take our word for it. This is why we utilise some of the most effective and advanced plant nutrient testing in the world. Here are some examples of our testing capabilities: - Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR) - Ultra High Performance Chromatography (UHPLC) - Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) - Microbiological Contamination Testing - Heavy Metal Testing

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Life Changing

We believe as many people as possible should achieve a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. We believe we were put here to grow and learn from our mistakes and to become the best version of ourselves, but in order to do this, we must look within. 

We are all different and we each have different experiences. What might affect and cause change in one person, can be entirely different for another. For one person it may be a diet change or a series of cleanses and detoxes, for another it may be a spiritual or religious experience and for someone else it may be a life changing event such as a trauma. The point is not really what it is that affects us, the point is that we grow and evolve from whatever we experience. 

We are all different, yes, but the common thread is we each have free will. Free will to either become stagnant or free will to excel and exceed far beyond our own self limitations. It is our goal at All-In Nutritionals™ to challenge your self limitations, your preconceived notions and to help you push through the barriers so you can become your best and happiest self and FIND YOUR STRONG!

Let’s get to work….

One of our biggest goals, as a company, is to provide the most natural, high quality products on the market, at an affordable price for all. Our dedicated team is also committed to providing unmatched customer service and nutritional support for each and every one of our consumers. We are blessed with amazing support from our loyal base of customers and appreciate the wonderful feedback we receive every day, keeping our mission alive and strong!


"We can't put clean water in a dirty bottle."

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND

“Truth and knowledge can start a burning fire within ourselves”

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND

"If you want to feel ALIVE then eat more live foods and if you want to feel DEAD, well......."

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND