We're Manufacturing Experts, so you don't have to be.


Providing expertise in formulations, raw materials, and manufacturing, representing your best interest in every step of the development, manufacturing, & production process.


    • Identify and build the most unique and effective wellness supplement formulas available on the market 
    • Design formulas (that actually taste good) without the additions of chemicals, toxins, or unhealthy flavors and sweeteners
    • Source our raw materials from the finest and cleanest, fair-trade, raw material suppliers, from all corners of the Earth
    • Thoroughly evaluate and test raw materials including in-house and 3rd party testing before they are used in a product
    • Produce fresh, small-batch runs of unique, healthy, and clean wellness supplements
    • Design, devlop, and print regulatory  compliant packaging and labeling
    • Use absolutely ZERO middlemen to keep the cost down for our customers

    • cGMP and NSF sanitation standards +
    • Technologically advanced, daily facility ozonation and purification 
    • Advanced sanitation techniques without the overuse of harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean; natural, antibacterials and antiseptics used
    • UV water, equipment, packaging, and surface sanitization
    • No use of common allergens in our products to avoid cross-contamination or allergen concerns
    • Daily Quality Inspections of manufacturing and production facilities
    • Quality Control Inspections on all product batches and raw materials
    • We run a fully automatied, digital temperature control system (including humidity), that backs up all data, for all time

    • We are partnered with an INDEPENDENT 3rd party ISO and IEC supplement and raw material testing laboratory
    • We perform in-house potency, efficacy, and microbiological testing on raw materials and finished goods
    • We meet or exceed all heavy metal limits and test to verify 
    • We run regular surface and equipment in-house, microbiolgical testing
    • We demand COAs (Certificates of Analysis) from all raw material suppliers, and test received-in raw materials for COA accuracy
    • We video record manufacturing processes on our production floor. We also offer recorded production footage to our Private & White Label partners

    We work with Natural Healthcare Providers, Health Food Stores, other Wellness Providers, and high-end Supplement Companies to create unqie, custom formulations that fit the direct needs of your customers, patients, and business. This process is extremely customizable, from start to finish, and includes raw material procurement, R&D, testing, benchmark samples, and a complete and finished formulation. We proudly provide our 60+ years of combined expertise in the world of natural herbal supplement formulations, every step of the way.


    What are White Label Supplements? By definition, aWhite Labelproduct isa product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. White-label products are sold by retailers with their own trademark or logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party. Simply put, we will put your logo and graphics on our All-In Nutritionals line of products for you to sell to your consumer, under YOUR brand. This process is also customizable and can be combined with other services, offered.


    Private Label Supplementsare products that are produced by a lab or manufacturer that can be customized to fit your company or brand. Everything from the packaging to the design of the label is customizable. Basically, you can select a supplement that has already been produced or use your own formula and we will customize it to your needs. Through All-In Nutritionals' unlimted manufacturing and production capabilities, we can either formulate your products for you or work with you on a formula you already like or have. This process is fully customizable to meet your needs and can include Custom Formulations, Ingredient sourcing, Purchasing, Testing, and benchtop samples, as well as full production, packaging, and labeling (from design to print).


    In working with All-In Nutritionals Manufacuring, whether you opt for a Custom Formulation, White Label, or Private Label, we want to be yourPartner in Success, assisting you every step of the way, where needed. Our amazing Team of experts can help you with everything from website and domain setup, to basic SEO optimization, marketing implementation, graphic design, graphic and label printing, and in some cases, even fulfillment and distribution!

See what our Private & White Label Customers are saying!


    Since starting the practice I've been transparent that if I can fix the root cause, I will, and if we can do that by changing diet and supplementing/balancing system groups, we will. However, if anyone knows supplements, they are confusing, expensive & you have to patch work 1000 different brands to get the results we want. Not anymore!
    All-In Nutritionals and I sat down and made a full line, specifically designed, not only for my patients and how I treat, but for all!" 

    -Megan L. Miller, APRN CRP 

    Owner & Operator, Direct Primary Care

  • "I’m so excited to finally have a plant based protein powder that tastes good and does not upset my stomach.

    After many years of struggling with all kinds of protein powders I was finally able to collaborate with the formulators at @allinnutritionals to create a high quality product that met my nutrition goals and standards."

    - Alexis Fourman

    Gym Owner & Operator, Personal Trainer

  • "We are excited to introduce a new venture, Researched Elements LLC, closely related to Thiogenics LLC, aimed at providing top-quality products tailored to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related challenges.* Over the last year this new endeavor has resulted in the creation of three groundbreaking supplements: Gut Guardian, Motility Max, and Spectrum Max. Each of these products serves a unique purpose to support the well-being of those with specific needs.* Gluten free, vegan, Non-GMO, cGMP certified, manufactured and crafted by the most advanced, FDA registered facility in the United States (Lindsey Duncan at All In Nutritionals)."

    - Dr. Christian Bogner

    Physician & Supplement Brand Owner


  • Ozone:

    We ozonate the air in our manufacturing, production, R&D facilities, and even our distribution plant, every day. Studies show that using an ozonator safely, helps deodorize and sterilize your space from odors, bacteria, and viruses more effectively than standard air purifiers.

  • No Junk:

    We NEVER use any excipients, binders, toxic fillers, flow agents, chemicals, or unwanted or unneeded ingredients in our formulas. 

    • ​Titanium Dioxide: NOPE
    • Magnesium Stearate: NO WAY
    • Postassium Sorbate: NEVER
    • Maltodextrin: YUCK
    • Dicalcium Phosphate: NO
    • Sodium Benzoate: NAY

    We could keep going...

  • Small Batches:

    We manufacuture our proprietary supplements, private label, and white label supplements in truly, small, hand-made batches. We prefer our supplements be fresh! We typically run 300-500 unit batches, where most of our "competitors" run 5,000-10,000 unit batches. Which do you think results in a fresher product? Our consumers get the freshest product, direct to their door.

  • No Middleman:

    We manufacutre each and every product on our 33-acre, "Health Campus", slow and steady, to avoid the need for any fillers or flow agents. We also own and control our own shipping and distribution facility, to keep the cost down for the consumer. We truly beleive that everyone deserves affordable, clean, and potent options.

  • Customer Service:

    Whether you are an online/ecommerce customer, a wholesale partner, or a private/white label partner, we always strive to provide the most excellent customer service. We are REAL PEOPLE, who are REALLY REACHABLE, and who REALLY CARE. Our 5-star reviews, amazing testimonials, high reorder rates and impressive growth is the "proof in the (organic) pudding".

Supplements Formulated, Blended & Packaged in our FDA registered, cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities

Excellence, every step of the way.

Unlimited Capabilities

We produce capsules, powders, tinctures, liquids, healthy food-products including snacks, healthy coffees, sachets, HBC products, and soon, super-clean gummies. We can dehydrate and pulverize any plant, into a clean, dry powder. We even ferment & make our own unique, ingredients!

All-In Manufacturing

Our FDA Registered Manufacturing facilities, located in the countryside of Springfield, Ohio, are some of the most pristine, unique, compliant and outstanding facilities state and even nation-wide. We're raising the bar for the natural, supplementation industries here, at All-In Nutritionals, and wouldn't have it any other way. Interested in touring our manufacturing facilities for an impressive show & tell?

Small batches. Big love.

Your Partner in Success

Pictured: CEO of All-In, hand-batching Vitalized Silver


Lindsey Duncan, CN, ND


  • Number of of supplement formulations created: over 700
  • Specialty: formulating natural products so strong, they become 6-in-1, 7-in-1, or even 8-in-1 products
  • Years of expertise: 39+
  • Degrees & Certifications earned: over 10
  • Media Appearances: Dr. Oz, ABC, CBS, E! ENTERTAINMENT, BBC, CNBC, The View, TEDX & many, many more

Weston Horne, LMT, BCSI, NH


  • Number of supplement formulations created: over 32
  • Specialty: Kinesiology, Nutritional Herbalism, Sturctural Integration, and making horribly tasting, bitter raw ingredients taste great, without the addition of chemical sweeteners
  • Years of expertise: 15+
  • Degrees & Certifications earned: 3

  • US

    No additives. No toxic chemicals. No fillers. No glazes. No excipients. No binders. NO JUNK.


    Not what you want to see in a "natural" product.

  • US

    No additives. No toxic chemicals. No fillers. No glazes. No excipients. No binders. NO JUNK.


    This seems extremely counteractive to taking a "natural", herbal supplement.

You get the point.

All-In Nutritionals is proud to share that our products do NOT contain:

  • Harmful Chemicals

  • Fillers, Additives or Binders

  • Artificial Colors

  • Gluten or Wheat

  • GMO or Petroleum based Glycerin

  • Dairy or Lactose

  • Artificial Sweeteners

  • Eggs or Yeast

  • Dicalcium Phosphate

  • Peanuts or other common allergens

  • Sucrose or Dextrose

  • Corn

  • Pesticides, Fungicides or Herbicides

  • Artificial Preservatives

  • Stevia - no bitter aftertaste

  • Irradiated Ingredients

  • Silicon Dioxide

  • Croscarmellose Sodium

  • Low-Potencies

  • Shellac

  • Flow Agents

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose

  • Maltodextrin

  • Fumigation