A perfect recipe...

A perfect recipe...

Have you ever made homemade soup from scratch? If you have, you know that one of the secrets to making the most delicious soup is choosing all the right ingredients in their perfect ratios. You can’t have too much or too little of one ingredient, because if you do, it throws off the whole recipe. It just doesn’t taste right. Also, as we all know, recipes handed down generation-to-generation are often the best of the best. 

Well, the same principle is true when building a company. If you want that company to truly provide unmatched benefit and value to its customers, you must use the right recipe, with all the key ingredients, in their perfect ratios. This is precisely what we are doing at All-In Nutritionals. We are incorporating and using all the most important and critical ingredients to create not only a great nutritional supplement company, but something that will greatly surpass anything currently offered in the health and wellness industry- with longevity. All-In Nutritionals will be helping people “Find Their Strong” for many years to come. It will be generational.  

You might be wondering what sets us apart from other companies out there; this is a great question. The health and wellness industry is highly oversaturated. If you happened to see our September 28, 2023 press release, (https://all-in-nutritionals.newswire.com/news/all-in-nutritionals-helps-people-find-their-strong-with-affordable-22137334) which has been picked up by all the main news distributors across the continent, you know we use special “ingredients” in our business model, that simply put, are found nowhere else. We are easily a “hero brand”.  

Our main or “hero” ingredient.  

Our recipe for success starts with our founder, formulator, and CEO, Lindsey Duncan.Lindsey is a Certified Nutritionist and Doctor of Naturopathy steeped in experience and success. Lindsey started and successfully ran four previous nutritional supplement companies, Nature’s Secret, Genesis Today, Pure Health, and Genesis Pure. All-In Nutritionals is easily the pinnacle and culmination of his career. Lindsey has said his previous work cannot even compare to what he is creating under the All-In brand now. In Lindsey’s own words, “The products All-In Nutritionals is producing bypass my previous formulations tenfold.” 

He partly attributes this to the fact that he’s never stopped researching and learning. “I know and understand things now about the human body, formulations, and supplementation that I simply did not know when I was forty, or even fifty years old. Like with anything else, this is a steady, compounding effect. Your knowledge and understanding continues to build, deepen, and strengthen if you are putting energy towards it. I am, so it would logically make sense that these are my best formulations and products yet. They are simply unmatched.”  

Over the last nearly forty years, Lindsey has worked with and advised thousands upon thousands of people, including celebrity clientele such as Demi Moore, Ringo Star, the Clinton’s, Little Richard, Tony Dorsett, and many, many more on nutrition and proper supplementation. He has traveled the globe in pursuit of the best and most potent ingredients to use in his formulas, which earned him the nickname “The Indiana Jones of the health industry”. He studied with and was mentored by the late, great Dr. Bernard Jensen, a true pioneer in the health and wellness industry. All this experience and education translates into every single one of his products. It is one of the main reasons people take All-In products and truly feel a difference.  

We understand our customers.  

The next component of our perfect recipe is our keen understanding of what people need and want. We know that people want to get healthy but need it to be simple and affordable. There is so much conflicting information out there as it relates to health and wellness and what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s hard for people to know who to trust.  

If you go on social media, you often see what Lindsey refers to as an “overnight nutritionist.” These people establish themselves as authorities or experts in the health and wellness industry but have little to no professional or credible training and/or experience. This is the opposite of what All-In Nutritionals provides. Our company prides itself on the research-based education we give to our customers and the clinically studied ingredients we use in each and every one of our products. For example, an average All-In product formulation can have as many as 50+ clinical trials and studies conducted on the ingredients that make up the unique, All-In formula. We do not confuse people with conflicting information. On the contrary, we clear up the unclarity and give people answers and resources that are backed by years of experience and research without exaggerated marketing and health claims that make unsubstantiated promises, breaching FDA and/or FTC laws. 

We also understand that people need and want affordability. Most people cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on natural supplements on a regular basis. That is why one of All-In Nutritionals primary goals it to provide its customers with top shelf products at bottom dollar prices. No one should be limited in their health and wellness because of price/affordability, and it is for this very reason that we offer the prices we do. We cut zero corners when it comes to the ingredients we choose, but proudly price our products 40% to 60% below where they could be priced, based on their ingredient panel and extreme potency.  

Where is this all going? What will All-In Nutritionals look like in 5 years?

The easiest way to describe our projection is to look at what we’ve already done. Our first product, Vitalized Silver, an advanced colloidal silver product, was launched in the fall of 2021. Now, just twenty-four months later, All-In Nutritionals offers forty-three products, with many more coming soon. Some of our most popular products are:  

 Our rapid product expansion and brand dependability has caused significant growth. Since our 2021 launch, All-In Nutritionals’ sales have grown 2,888%, and our customer base has grown by more than 650%.  

So, where will we be in five years? As they say, “the sky is the limit.” We believe we will be a true, one-stop shop for all your health and wellness needs, and this is not limited to just natural supplements. We will offer air purifiers, water filters, shower head filters, products for your children, pets, and so much more. As it relates to your health, we will offer everything that you need and provide quality and effectiveness that surpasses all other health and wellness products on the market. All-In Nutritionals will easily be a loved, household name.  

The secret ingredients.  

Just like any perfect recipe, All-In Nutritionals has a few secret ingredients (but we don’t mind sharing them). 😊 One of these is our caring, customer service. Here, we believe in old-fashioned customer service. When you call our office, you will speak to a real, live person on the other end of the line. If it’s after hours, we will return your call promptly the next day. If you have an issue, we will do whatever we can to fix it and make it right. In short, we treat, and will always treat each one of our customers like a member of our own family. We know if we take care of people, on all levels, they will have no reason to go elsewhere. We want our customers to keep coming back, so we treat them in a way that makes them want to.  

Our sourcing and manufacturing are also secret and powerful ingredients. They simply cannot be beaten. We consistently offer and provide:  

  • Masterly formulated supplements that people can truly feel and see a difference from. 
  • FDA-registered, good manufacturing practices in our manufacturing facilities. 
  • Globally sourced and highest quality/potency raw materials in every product that are organic or wild harvested, non-GMO, and truly clean. 
  • Small, handmade, incredibly fresh batches and production runs that are free of all unhealthy fillers, excipients, binders, and any unwanted or toxic ingredients. 

Our pristine FDA registered, and soon to be NSF and cGMP certified manufacturing facility is so well recognized that many functional medicine practitioners such as Megan L. Miller, APRN CNP, Dr. Libby Wilson, MD and Dr. Christian Bogner, MD, CFMNP, FACOG partner with us to manufacture their private label supplements. It is not only the ingredients we source and choose, and the supplements we produce that make us stand apart from all other health and wellness companies out there; it is also the manufacturing facility we operate from. We are truly, a top-shelf, one-stop-shop for super-healthy, wellness products, with absolutely no middle-man between us (the manufacturer) and YOU (our valued customer).

To sum it all up… 

We are a pristine, boutique, mom-and-pop-style nutritional supplemental company dedicated to providing THE best health and wellness products on the market. We are in the business of helping people get well and we understand this and welcome the challenge on a daily basis. We believe everyone deserves to have the best wellness products and education available to them and their families. We listen to and genuinely care about our customers. If there is something you need, and we do not offer it, let us know and we will do our best to find it for you or create it!  

Simply put, we have THE perfect recipe for helping YOU achieve optimal wellness, which opens the door to Finding Your Strong…