The revolutionary, All-In Ionic Mineral Showerhead

The revolutionary, All-In Ionic Mineral Showerhead

You might have been surprised at one of our most recent product launches. Afterall, why would a natural supplement company come out with an ionic-mineral showerhead? While it may seem and look like this product does not fit with the rest of our product offerings, once you finish reading this blog, you will understand that it most definitely does. In fact, we couldn’t not come out with a showerhead based on what we know to be true about the hidden dangers in our water, and this does not stop at our drinking water.  

In 2021 Consumer Reports conducted extensive analysis of what is in our water in the United States, and the findings were not good, to say the least. Out of the 120 locations in the U.S., 118 had significantly high levels of lead. These combined locations provide water for more than 19 million people. Here’s the link to the report if you’d like to check it out for yourself. How Safe Is Our Drinking Water? - Consumer Reports 

In addition to lead, arsenic was found, as well as PFAS, per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, an umbrella term for a huge group of thousands of chemicals, otherwise known as “forever chemicals.”  In case you are unfamiliar, “forever chemicals” are man-made and are found in our air, drinking water, soil, cosmetics, cleaners, and even people. Detectable amounts have been found in human blood!  

We must be aware of these chemicals as they have been linked to various types of cancers, cognitive delays in children, and many other health issues. Unfortunately, these chemicals are far too prevalent due to frequent leaks into water systems from manufacturers, factories, and landfills, just to name a few.  

Our founder and CEO, Lindsey Duncan is simply not okay with this prevailing, yet widely unknown issue; this is the precise reason for the creation of All-In Ionic Mineral Shower™.   

In a recent press release Lindsey stated, “If these harmful toxins make their way into our drinking water, then obviously, they make their way into our showers because it’s the same system. When showering in toxic, chemical-laden water, we not only absorb these chemicals through our skin, but we also breathe them into our lungs. Over time, this is extremely harmful to our health. If we don’t want to drink toxic water, then naturally, we should not want to absorb or breathe it.”  

This is an astounding concept for most people. Most of the general population probably think about the safety of our drinking water, at least on some level; especially after events like those in Flint, Michigan and Palestine, Ohio, but many people stop there. There typically is not much consideration of what we are showering in, but if you consider the facts, it makes total sense. We absolutely should be considering this as it can impact our health in a huge way! 

Think about this - We, at All-In Nutritionals, along with many medical professionals and experts believe that during a short 10-minute shower, you may absorb up to 8 glasses of water into your skin and 6 times more chlorine than when drinking a glass of tap water. When drinking water, your body can filter out some of the chlorine, fluoride, and other disinfecting chemicals, but this is not the case when it is inhaled. Steam produced from the hot water delivers these chemicals to our lungs as we breathe in the steam, which then is transported to the bloodstream.   

So, that relaxing, hot shower that we all love can potentially be harming our health in a big way if our shower water is not clean and filtered… and most showers are not.   

While this is a serious issue, we have an effective solution - All-In Ionic Mineral Shower™. This showerhead filters and eliminates practically all toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals from water. Natural, bioactive minerals, stones, and ceramics are used in this 14-phase filtration system that is simply attached to any existing showerhead outlet. 

Due to Lindsey’s and our team’s years of research, we not only have figured out a way to remove all the unwanted contaminants from our shower water, but we’ve also created a system that adds benefit. Our showerhead alkalinizes water, mineralizes water, increases circulation, can dramatically increase water pressure, and helps to soften skin and hair. In short, we’ve taken out all the bad, and added in a lot of benefits.

In addition, All-In Ionic Mineral Shower™ is different than anything else currently on the market. For example, other shower purification units use only 3 or 4 purifications stones and those are often the less expensive stones such as Anion Stone, Ceramic, or Tourmaline. While these are great for basic water purification, they do not go as far as we do with a unique 14-phase stone filtration process. In addition, as an added bonus, we add a cotton PP filter. This filter removes all sediment that may have built up in our water tanks, pipes, wells, older homes, and more.”

Lindsey even did a recent video demonstration which illustrates the effectiveness of the filters in All-In Ionic Mineral Shower™. Watch here for the video. You will be shocked at what he shows and explains here! The results speak for themselves.


In closing, the cleanliness and purity of our water is a real issue. This is not something we can ignore. As a company that is dedicated to whole health and wellness, we strive to come up with solutions for as many harmful issues as we possibly can. We are confident that this product will overdeliver by not only eliminating harmful and unwanted elements from shower water, but also enhance it with incredibly healthy benefits like Vitamin C.

If you are taking steps to become healthier, and find your strong, then don’t leave out your shower. Find your strong water!