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Mag Bicarb +

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    Mag Bicarb +
    Mag Bicarb +
    Mag Bicarb +
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    All-In Nutritionals™ is proud to offer this totally unique and easy to digest and assimilate, Magnesium Bicarbonate and Electrolyte product!



    Follow our mixing process and you will see for yourself!

    The uniqueness of this product is found in the pure, raw materials that we import from the Dead Sea and the natural chemical reaction created when mixing these pure minerals into carbonated water. The process is amazing, and the results are even more amazing! You will witness this pure magnesium and potassium react with the carbonated water and fully infuse into the water! After only a few, short hours, all of the carbonation will be gone from the bottle. The cloudy, milky looking water will be transformed into a clear, pristine, and extremely bioavailable Magnesium with Potassium infused water.

    Please click the below link for our video demonstration

    Video Demonstration

    Our unique and potent Mag Bicarb Plus features:

    It is a well-known fact that many people are magnesium deficient. Unfortunately, most magnesium products available are extremely difficult to break down and metabolize.

    Contains 420 milligrams of Magnesium (100% daily value!) that supports muscle and nerve function and energy production!

    An Alkalinizing and Electrolyte formula uniquely designed to dissolve and infuse into carbonated water.

    All-In Mag Bicarb Plus goes through a process of infusion into carbonated water and therefore becomes extremely bioavailable (easy to absorb)!

    Contains 235 milligrams of Potassium to support the muscular and nervous systems and fluid balance.

    We strongly encourage everyone to research the critical functions that magnesium and potassium have in our bodies!

    Our Mag Bicarb Plus does NOT contain:

    Harmful Chemicals 

    Artificial Colors


    Fillers or Binders


    Dairy or Lactose

    Artificial Sweeteners

    Artificial Sugars

    Sucrose or Dextrose

    Eggs or Yeast

    Peanuts or other common allergens

    Animal Products






    Artificial Preservatives

    That's All-Out!


    Step 1

    Mix ¾ teaspoon into 16oz of cold, carbonated water and shake. 
    Tip: After removing the cap from your carbonated water, take a few sips to create space for the Mag Bicarb. After adding the Mag Bicarb, close the cap quickly and tightly before shaking. You will quickly see a reaction begin between the Magnesium, Potassium and Carbonated water. This is what you want to see! Our preferred carbonated water is a 16oz Perrier in a plastic bottle.
    Please click the link for our video demonstration or watch the video on YouTube below.

    Step 2

    Allow 4-6 hours in the refrigerator. Note: It is very important to shake vigorously 2-3 additional times during this step. It is especially beneficial to consume this product right before bed.

    Step 3

    Consume 2-4oz of your well mixed, All-In Mag Bicarb water 1-2 times, daily.





    Magnesium (from USP Magnesium Hydroxide), Potassium (Bicarbonate)



    Published on March 28th 2023, 9:53:06 am

        I have struggled with sleep issues for years. Since I started taking Mag Bicarb, I'm finally sleeping on my own without the help of any other sleep aid! Love this product!

    Lori A Warner

    Published on February 22nd 2023, 11:10:52 am

    Love the Mag Bicarb my joints hurt so much less and my niece who is severely handicapped helps her mood tremendously.


    Published on February 9th 2023, 12:43:53 pm

        I have an alarm set to remind me of the daily time we've set for "mag-water making time!" My kids and I love to make it together, watching the chemical reaction, and it's the perfect final drink of the day to help each of us mellow out and hydrate before sleep.

    My wife experienced pre-eclampsia once years ago, and since then we've always included a magnesium supplement in our lifestyle. This is the latest and definitely greatest.


    Rochelle Sifuentes

    Published on February 4th 2023, 2:30:05 am

        This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PRODUCT!!! I was suffering from leg cramps close to every night. Then came along BICARB PLUS! I actually didn’t take it for a week because I was out of town and forgot it came home had a major cramp in my calf and foot and my son went and got me some of this and within minutes it was gone!!! Love it!!!!

    Ellie Flores

    Published on July 12th 2022, 11:35:14 aM 

    Finally a Magnesium I can actually FEEL working in my body! I love this product and I'm so blessed to get to work with this company and amazing formulator! <3




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