Each and every ingredient sourced for our products goes through a rigorous quality, efficacy, and purity review process, making sure there are no contaminants, irradiated ingredients, or toxins present. We obtain Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on all raw ingredients as well as run third-party and/or in-house testing to validate the authenticity, purity, and potency of our ingredients. We openly share our full labels with our customers and all ingredients with their corresponding measurements, used in our formulations. The only exception to this is Proprietary Blends. We will share what goes into our Proprietary Blends, but not the amount. Why do we do this? To protect ourselves from other brands who may want to “copycat” what we do here, at All-In. This includes our “Natural Flavoring”, sometimes seen in our powdered products, under “Other Ingredients”. Many of us are leery, when reading a label, when we see the words “Natural Flavoring” … and we understand why. Most companies are using toxins or unnatural ingredients to flavor their products such as MSG, which is considered an “excito-toxin”, much like Aspartame.

We promise our customers that this is not the case with All-In Nutritionals. We have never and will never use non-natural flavorings in any of our products. On this note, we have decided to share with you some of what makes up the All-In Nutritionals, Proprietary Natural Flavorings, while protecting our proprietary recipes:


Gum Acacia is hands down the BEST base and carrier that exists and there is no comparison with what almost 100% of all other “natural flavor” ingredient suppliers are using, which is maltodextrin! Comparing Gum Acacia to maltodextrin would be like comparing the ancient and famous, healing Indian dish called Kichari to a Big Mac. Please see below clinical data on only some of the benefits of Gum Acacia. Clinical studies show that Gum Acacia may also support healthy blood glucose levels.* Our Gum Acacia is hand-picked in the Sudan region in Northeast Africa, is non-GMO and the only thing that our supplier adds to our Gum Acacia is natural tocopherol as an antioxidant to keep our Gum Acacia free from oxidation and free radicals and so it remains as fresh as possible.

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2. No MSG or any other neuro stimulant or neuro toxin in our natural flavors.

The raw materials used in our flavoring systems are 100% from what is called “aromatic compounds”. This comes from the distillation of the natural fruits that we use. For example, if you take your fingernail and scratch the skin of an organic lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit etc., you will activate very potent and beneficial oils and other compounds. We take these oils and compounds and conduct a process called “folding”, which basically means they are doubled and then doubled again and again and again. We can “fold” 10X or 20X, which creates the amazing strong and natural smell, flavor, and taste. Basically, we are concentrating MOTHER NATURE!

3. SGS.

 To ensure our flavoring ingredients are clean, pure, and meet consumer expectations our Natural Flavor supplier is audited every year by SGS. This firm follows strict guidelines to protect our brand by minimizing risks in our supply chain with their global compliance, training, testing, inspections, auditing, and certification services. If you want to learn more about SGS and what they do, check them out here

  • 4. HACCP

    Our Natural Flavor supplier maintains an HACCP certification. This is to certify that our flavors are clean, pure and do not contain any compounds that have the potential to cause harm to consumers. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

  • 5. COAs

    100% of EVERY batch of our flavorings come with a Certificate of Analysis and is proven to be free of all microbiological contamination including but not limited to being free of yeast, mold, Enterobacteriaceae, E. Coli, Salmonella and more.

  • 6. Approved

    100% of all ingredients used in our flavorings are “approved for use in regulations of the FDA or are listed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

  • 7. No skimping

    We pay significantly more (up to 70% more) than most other companies for flavorings to provide the best of the best and the cleanest of the cleanest.

Unfortunately, now-a-days, the word “Natural” has no real meaning. “Natural Flavors” is often a general term used for undisclosed additives that may be harmful to your health, contain many chemicals, or be highly processed. Some of these Natural Flavors are also incredibly bizarre. For example, did you know that one of the most common “Natural Flavors” or "Other Ingredients" used in the supplement world is “shellac”? Did you know that shellac comes from the sticky secretion of the Kerria lacca beetle in east Asia?? Or L-Cysteine, an amino acid and flavor enhancer which is made of extractions from human hair or duck feathers?! Castoreum is another popular “Natural Flavor”: this “natural vanilla flavor” actually comes from THE ANAL GLANDS OF BEAVERS! Oh my. 

It's important to investigate what substances a “Natural Flavoring” contains. Ask questions. Do you research and choose the companies you purchase from carefully. 

Our Promise to You

Transparency, purity, potency, and NOTHING BUT THE BEST!

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