Lindsey’s background has centered around the nutrition, natural health, and supplementation fields for more than 30 years. In the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, he studied with the world-renowned detoxification expert and natural health pioneer, Dr. Bernard Jensen. Lindsey received his first degree in Nutrition (CN) from the National Institute of Nutritional Education (NINE). He also has a Comprehensive Nutrition Degree from Huntington College of Health Sciences University, which is fully accredited by CHEA (Council for Higher Education) and DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission). Lindsey completed his ND degree with high honors from the Clayton School of Natural Medicine and, in addition, was board certified in Integrative Health through the American Association of Integrative Medicine. He was also certified in Iridology by the late, great Dr. Bernard Jensen.

In Santa Monica, California in the late '80's and '90's he built, ran and was the head nutritionist of the Home Nutrition Clinic.

He accumulated well over 30,000 hours of time guiding, teaching and encouraging people to change their lifestyles and begin their journey to better health through detoxification, nutrition, supplementation and numerous other natural healthcare techniques.

Lindsey is also an expert formulator and has won multiple awards in multiple countries for his unique, cutting edge and effective nutritional supplement formulations. He has been recognized as one of the top nutritional supplement formulators in the world. His products have led entire categories throughout all retail channels. Lindsey later started, funded and ran some of the most innovative and rapidly growing nutritional supplement companies in the world. 

In the ‘90’s he began Nature’s Secret, in early 2000 he built Genesis Today, and finally in 2007 built Genesis Pure.

Despite the successes he built with these companies, Lindsey presently has no affiliation or involvement with any of them. After many years of building and running huge businesses, he realized that he had actually gotten too far away from his fundamental goals and passion for helping people. His life had become too much about business. No one put it better than Lindsey himself, when he said, “The fame, fortune and notoriety mixed with the unsavory toxic elements of the greedy Corporate world and being attacked by my very own government was enough for me to walk away and never look back.” The decision to leave his corporate life and get back to his original roots was simple, and he planned to never return to business in this way, until everything changed…

In February of 2020, Lindsey Duncan and his wife Molly experienced an extremely traumatizing event.

In the midst of a normal, quiet day, two masked gunmen ambushed them at their home, ready to take both of their lives. For the full story, you can watch the video below:


Following this intensely traumatic event, both Lindsey and his wife Molly began experiencing severe PTSD, anxiety and depression. Subsequently, in January 2021, the couple almost split. This was a direct result of the issues the trauma was creating and was continuing to create in each of them, individually and together. Neither Molly nor Lindsey had taken the time or the proper steps to heal themselves and grow from the trauma. It was at this moment, they both realized that they had to put the work in to find themselves again and to start a journey of healing. Lindsey and Molly each took their own pathway through their pain and trauma to find the healing within themselves, both physically and mentally. After months apart, while working on their spiritual healing and physical healing separately, they came together. They realized, at the same moment, that all of the pain and hurt they had been experiencing had taught them so much. They realized that it was for the purpose of helping others…it was so they could share their story and their journeys to health and wellness.

Lindsey realized that this change had set him free to take time to heal from these deep wounds and regain what has always been very important to him, his spiritual life. Now, once again he has begun to pursue his passion, which is to help as many people as he can by utilizing the power of knowledge and truth to live healthy and happy lives. With his wife Molly at his side, they created three companies with a renewed purpose and mission…to help others live the happiest, healthiest lives they could. A journey to overall wellness.

Starting in the mid-1980’s, Lindsey embarked upon an amazing journey to cleanse and heal every cell and tissue in his body. From being very sick as a child, all of his pain and difficulties led him to the world-famous healing ranch of Dr. Bernard Jensen. Over the next several years Lindsey began a series of fasts and cleanses and immersed himself in the world of cleansing, detoxification, and alternative health. Healing his own body, Lindsey began to study closely with Dr. Bernard Jensen where he studied iridology, chemistry, anatomy, nutrition, herbology, nature, and food. 

Since these early days of working with Dr. Jensen, Lindsey has been seen, heard, and positively influenced millions of people throughout the world. He has appeared as a health expert in the news on stations such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and BBC Worldwide. He has also appeared as a guest expert on some of the top television shows across many countries. These shows include the Dr. Oz show, The View, E Entertainment, and Hallmark’s Home and Family. He has also been featured on numerous natural health magazine covers. His articles and interviews have been published worldwide for over two decades and he has traveled the world in search of ancient, natural healing plants, techniques, and modalities that all have one thing in common, “they do no harm.” Lindsey has been called the “Indiana Jones of the Health Food Industry” by Dr. Julianne Whitacre, MD who is known as America’s wellness doctor. Lindsey has also gained significant notoriety after guiding, coaching, and teaching Marc Jacobs, a highly respected fashion designer. Mr. Jacobs credited Lindsey for healing his body; this is stated in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s interview between Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs and the Vogue interview with Marc Jacobs. In addition, Lindsey has worked with and helped professional athletes such as Tony Dorsett (see below the magazine cover with Lindsey and Tony) as well as Reggie Bush. 

To get a flavor for Lindsey and his passion watch the below TEDx video.  We also wanted to share some of his favorite pictures over the years. It’s easy to see that his opinions and recommendations on health and nutrition have been valued and respected by many. Lastly, he’s spoken to thousands of people in packed auditoriums (from Dallas, TX to Milan, Italy) regarding health, nutrition, and wellness. 

Speaking at TEDx...


  • Lindsey with Jamie Foxx & Tony Dorsett

  • Lindsey with Mark Steins & Christina Ferrare

  • Lindsey on the set of Hallmark Home & Family

  • Lindsey with Barbara Walters & Sherri Shepherd

  • Lindsey with Maria Menounos

  • Lindsey getting ready to shoot The View in NYC 

For those of you who don’t know what a VHS is….  This is an oldie, but definitely a goodie! Lindsey’s VHS on detoxification and natural health principles. This was made in 1996

  • Packed auditoriums listening to Lindsey speak

  • Lindsey with Tony Dorsett

  • Lindsey at an all-organic Noni farm in Hawaii

  • Lindsey with Mike Ditka 


“By cleansing and detoxifying our bodies on a regular basis and by eliminating as many toxins as possible from our environment, our body responds by healing itself. When this happens, our bodies can prevent disease and we become stronger and more resilient than we ever dreamed possible.”

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND

“Once we’ve taken off the blinders regarding our health & nutrition, we have an obligation to ourselves to do better and BE better”

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND

"We can't put clean water in a dirty bottle."

Lindsey Duncan CN, ND